Friday, 11 February 2011


Music by Raphael Meyer
Edwyn Tiong as Grimoire
Shudo Ranmaru as Sally

Everything you see is still potentially work-in-progress. Enjoy!


  1. So is this going to be on Android or the PC as well as the iPhone? You know, for those of us that aren't all hip and cool.

  2. I am SOOOO excited!!!!! OMG!!!!!! I love this, and I'm so glad to see voice acting in the game.

  3. Dustin, while we're initially building the game for iPhone only, once the game is finished I'm definitely going to look at porting it to as many platforms as possible. I'm on Android myself so I'd love to see it in the market!

  4. I know I asked earlier, but do you have any idea when you'll finish?

  5. It reminds me of an oldish computer game I played a while ago, called Nightmare Ned. You should take a look at it, its pretty cool.