Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Onion Skins

Here are some onion skins! I finished animating the character for the dialogue in the game.

Sorry about no news posts. I've been busy! :) Grimoire is going great, I'll get some exciting stuff up soon



  1. I thought you were dead! A whole month without posts. :( Its okay. i'll forgive you

  2. whens number 2 coming out???

  3. if you want i'll be a beta tester ;)

  4. Can't wait! Any idea of an eta yet?

  5. 2 questions.

    when is the approximate release date?


    is it free??

  6. Hey, it's a good 5 years after the last post here, but I just want to say that the poses were excellently done.

    Playing through the game, I loved seeing how Sally struck that balance between cocky, flirty, and slightly awkward/unsure. Having her fiddle with her hair was a great touch to make her seem younger.

    Others that stood out:

    The mysterious girl also had great poses, showing how whimsical she was by going into unconventional positions mid-speech.

    Remington's completely assured voice and his chin constantly being upturned greatly complimented each other, especially as he swings his chin around, strokes it, etc. For someone with very few other details, he strikes me as someone of devastating ego.

    Finally, Officer James. While I think the voiceover can get more credit than the posing, I nonetheless applaud his brooding, hunched figure, as well as his "all business no play" attitude as he whips out his own notes or papers.

    Anyway, this is coming so late I don't know if the artist will see it, but this was some of the best done show-don't-tell I've seen in any game ever, even if the game itself isn't that complicated, and I really appreciated the journey just to hear the voices and see the poses.

    Dunno if this is the place, but also super kudos to literally every single voice actor/actress!?!?!? Amazingly done.