Sunday, 5 December 2010

Old Friends

Two characters from the original game make an appearance! 
They look quite different now, but the same heart beats inside :)

Officer James is sick due to damp air and a poor diet. He won't be much help in the field, but he'll provide the essential information to kick-start your adventure.

Some elements here are still WIP, but we've been putting together all the elements to make a full scene. Catherine's backgrounds are getting along well with my chracters. All we need now is Tom's code!

Everyone's favourite precocious youngster and Grimoire's unofficial second-in-command. She swapped her green dress for something that looks like it came out of the Disney Store. Still fiddling around with her design, it will come together when I try and animate her.


  1. man, i better sing "you pitiful" the song from weird al yankovic to officer james

  2. her face is pretty hard to read dude! i like how weird it is but wow. might come to life in motion.